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Since its beginning in 1994, the Peace Rehabilitation Center (PRC) has cared for underprivileged women in Nepal. Its main focus is preventing trafficking and protecting at-risk girls and women. Implementing a comprehensive approach to the cycle of trafficking, PRC offers many solutions, from border patrols that prevent girls from being brought into India to aftercare and rehabilitation for trafficked women.

Video: Welcome to Peace Rehabilitation Center

An introduction to PRC; the work being done and the lives being changed.

Music by PRC residents

Video: Trafficked and Abused Girls Regain Hope at PRC

Formerly trafficked and at-risk girls rediscover family life and freedom at PRC in Nepal. This video shows girls playing games, doing household chores, taking part in skills training, talking, sharing meals and more.

Music by PRC residents

About Us

Peace Rehabilitation Center was founded by Shanta Sapkota. She was born in the town of Gorkha, Nepal. Her father brokered an arranged marriage for her at the age of twelve, in order to get her out of the house. She was neglected in her new household and suffered from much physical and mental affliction. ( more )

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